A Harsh Western Drought

A Harsh Western Drought

Author: Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Foundation
Published: November 5, 2021

A drought, especially a long-lasting drought, can effect a lot of things. From your own home and health to the environment in which our wildlife flourishes. There is a trickle down effect that takes over all parts of our environment and our communities.

“Drought is readily identified as a stressor on freshwater ecosystems—but how often do you think about the impacts of drought on hunting? The recent headlines about the ongoing megadrought that is affecting nearly 92 percent of the western United States probably call to mind the major consequences for fish and anglers, like voluntary fishing closures due to low flows and warm stream temperatures. But hunters must also contend with warmer and drier conditions that disrupt our seasons or deepen the decline of some game species.

Here are five ways that drought could affect your hunting opportunities.”

Read more at TRCP.org.

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