Arkansas Black Bear Collaring Project

Arkansas Black Bear Collaring Project

Author: Blood Origins
Published: September 20, 2022

In partnership with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Blood Origins wants to help monitor a new bear hunting season. With the bear season proposed for the Gulf Coastal Plain (Bear Zones 3 & 4) for the fall of 2022-23 (Bear Zones 3 & 4), the most readily available means to monitor the population and assess growth rates would be to equip adult females with collars across the bear range and monitor reproduction efforts and determine female mortality rates. We need to raise $70,000 for this project to collect data for 3 years. Periodic flights once or twice per month will be conducted to determine active collar status or mortality status for each deployed collar. In order to determine population size and growth rates, you must have fecundity information as well as female mortality information throughout the area. Ideally, a sample size of 20-25 collared bears across the Gulf Coastal Plain would be needed for a good sample size.

This project plans to raise $70,000 for 25 collars to support this project for 3 years. We plan to undertake a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign where you can compete against other teams to be the TOP fundraiser. We have two incredible commitments of match: 1) $15,000 from The Wildlife Education Center at Legends Ranch, and 2) an additional $15,000 from the Cabela Family Foundation. These matches are first come first served basis! To continue reading click here!

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