Ever hear the saying “Take care of your gear and it will take care of you?” As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. Just by performing basic care and maintenance, your reels will last much longer. So how can you extend the life of your precious fishing reels? After fishing in saltwater a simple rinse under freshwater will help maximize the life of your reels. No one likes the sound of grinding with every turn of the handle, and whether you fish the bay or offshore, your reel can get filled with sand and saltwater. If it’s not removed this can lead to corrosion. Even if your reel is “salt-resistant,” it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile. As far as fully disassembling your reel to oil and grease, every few months should be sufficient and will leave your reels feeling brand new again. The grease and oil help prevent corrosion by making a protective coating around the reel components. YouTube has many videos on how to clean, oil, and grease your reels.

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