Bowfishing for Marlin

Bowfishing for Marlin

Author: Bowhunter Magazine
Published: April 8, 2022

By Fred Eichler

This column is in two parts, because I had to give a little history on how it came to be that I would travel such a long distance to pursue my biggest fish with a bow.

I have been a bowfishing fan for about as long as I have been shooting a bow. I started out chasing frogs and carp. I had a blast, but I was always looking for new adventures and new species of fish to go after with my bow.

During the summer months, besides hogs and some small game, for me, bowfishing was where the action was. I was after anything and everything that swam and was legal. I was especially excited about the tastier fish. I know all fish are edible, and smoked carp is delicious, and I have even had stingray that tasted like scallops. But, if we are being honest, carp is not the main go-to in the fish department for amazing table fare. And at the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, it is darn hard to beat a fried frog leg, fried catfish, fried gar strap, fried redfish, sheephead, black drum, or the myriad other fish that are way better than carp.

My bowfishing excursions took me to different places in search of different species. I wanted to experience it all, and because bowfishing is a relatively inexpensive sport, if I could afford gas money, a license, and sometimes even a bowfishing guide, I was constantly going somewhere.

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