Buying ‘Bargain’ Guns Can Be Risky

Buying ‘Bargain’ Guns Can Be Risky

Author: Guns and Ammo Magazine
Published: April 8, 2022

By Keith Wood

When the opportunity arises, I try to take my own advice. In the August 2020 issue, I used this column to espouse the virtues of surplus firearms for the bargain-hunting gun buyer. Just a few days after that issue arrived in my mailbox, an email landed that advertised a wide selection of surplus Czech-made pistols. Though I love my CZ Shadow 2, I’d never owned an original CZ 75. So, I forked over the cash and a pre-”­B” CZ 75 soon arrived at my FFL. It was advertised as being in “very good” condition, but when I opened the box it was clear that my definition of “very good” was a lot different than the seller’s. Oh well, I love a project, I thought.

As the original so-called “Wonder Nine,” the CZ 75 was groundbreaking for the time, and it still is a viable handgun today. This extremely innovative pistol offered both double-­action and single-­action “cocked and locked” carry. Like the classic SIG P210, the slide rides inside the frame’s rails, which decreases the reciprocating mass and cuts muzzle rise. Both guns are legendary for being accurate and reliable. Full Article Here.

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