Dog Training 101

Dog Training 101

Author: Pheasants Forever
Published: November 8, 2021


This article dives into the best way to train your dog so you both avoid the dreaded “lost bird.” From urban grounds to consistency, Pheasants Forever has all the tips and tricks.

“The east and south lines of the quarter section of grassland run along corn stubble, coming to the brushy, overgrown point of an old rockpile. You’d bet the farm it’s the kind of spot where there just has to be a rooster.

And there is.

As the frenzied spaniel and I close in, my mind’s eye sees a cornered rooster with nowhere to go but up. The spaniel nips at his spurs as he explodes vertically. Then he quarters away over the open field. All that’s left after the trap-range shot is for the cocker to clean up, a retrieve so easy it’s routine.”


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