Fire Accurate Shots 24-7 With the Sightmark Wraith

Fire Accurate Shots 24-7 With the Sightmark Wraith

Author: Guns and Ammo Magazine
Published: January 5, 2023

“The feature-rich Wraith HD Digital Riflescopes from Sightmark allow you to make accurate shots day or night.

There have never been more night vision optics available to shooters, but a relatively small percentage of shooters and hunters actually own such devices. I suspect there are several reasons for this. First, the price of night vision equipment makes it cost-prohibitive. Second, unless shooters have past experience with NV in the military, there’s a good chance that they are unfamiliar (and perhaps uncomfortable) with night vision optics.

One company that has done an excellent job making night vision optics accessible to shooters is Sightmark. Their Wraith HD digital scopes with IR flashlights allow shooters and hunters to fire accurate shots in total darkness. The Wraith’s robust design allows this optic to stand up to abuse in the field, and the simple design layout allows even the most tech-adverse shooter to master basic operation in a matter of minutes. Despite its rugged design and long list of user-friendly features, the Wraith HD remains an excellent value.

Why Invest in 24-Hour Optics?

Optics like the Wraith raise a good question among hunters and shooters: why invest in a day/night vision optic? One reason is the tactical advantage that optics like the Sightmark Wraith offer gun owners. The first principle of self-defense is that humans are visual creatures. We navigate the world around us using our eyes and doing so generally requires light. But, optics like the Wraith HD do not require ambient light (IR is invisible to the human eye), and so there’s a major tactical advantage to owning a scope like this: you can see and shoot accurately in total darkness. That’s a major tactical advantage, and if I’m forced to defend myself and my family with a firearm, I want every tactical advantage available to me.”

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