Giant Wisconsin muskie out of Green Bay weighs nearly 60 pounds

Giant Wisconsin muskie out of Green Bay weighs nearly 60 pounds

Author: Outdoor News
Published: February 3, 2023

Check out this huge Wisconsin catch!

“Sturgeon Bay, Wis. — Ron Hedsand, of Sturgeon Bay, was one of a few diehard anglers who took advantage of milder than usual fall weather to chase smallmouth bass and muskies into December.

On Dec. 7, he was fishing with Sturgeon Bay friend John Vieau. The two had caught a lot of fish together over the past 12 years, but the monster muskie they boated just before noon that day absolutely took the cake. 

“Although we catch many different kinds of fish, Ron is a diehard muskie fisherman,” Vieau said. “Always has a good attitude and confidence.”

The duo began throwing large rubber baits in 15 to 20 feet of water around structure on Green Bay. Hedsand was working a bait called a Bulldawg slow and deep, sort of jigging it near the boat before coming up and turning the lure into a popular muskie tactic called the figure-eight.

“As I was casting I saw Ron’s rod bend,” Vieau said. “Ron said, ‘How can I be snagged?’ which turned into, ‘Get the net!’ once he felt the big head shakes.”

The first time they saw the fish, they knew it was huge.

“I got it in the net, and told Ron to relax and catch his breath,” Vieau said. “I quickly removed the hooks from the fish and the net. Then I got my phone, the measuring stick and measuring tape ready before lifting the fish out of the net.”

The long, thick muskie stretched 55 inches and flaunted a 29 1⁄2-inch girth. A formula commonly used by anglers puts this fish’s dimensions at just under 60 pounds, but it doesn’t take into account how deep that girth runs from front to back.

Either way, Hedsand’s fish is thought to be one of the largest muskies ever caught from Green Bay.”

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