Holsters For Light-Mounted Pistols

Holsters For Light-Mounted Pistols

Author: Guns and Ammo Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

See how the Standard OWB Light Mounted holster compares for housing light-mounted pistols.

“Options, we all love them. Unfortunately, on the subject of holsters, gun modifications and changing carry preferences can lead to an expensive bin of discards. As firearms evolve, so do tactics and accessories. Today, carrying a pistol equipped with a light, red-­dot sight and spare mags is in vogue. A pistol light reduces muzzle rise and means that the pistol can be effective anywhere, anytime. A red-­dot sight offers the user more precise and faster shots when learned. The problem holster companies face is accommodating the plethora of makes and models of lights, guns and optics. One-­size-­fits-­all holsters are either too bulky for everyday carry, or too flimsy for secure retention. Research what’s available and you’ll see that it’s hard to find a company that offers a practical holster that allows you to carry your preferred light and reflex sight. Most holster brands’ catalog for light-­mounted guns only lists one or two options for the most popular duty rigs (such as the Glock 17/22 wearing a Streamlight TLR-­1), and little else.

Guns & Ammo reviewed BlackPoint Tactical’s Leather Wing (“Carry Rig,” Sept. 2015) and highlighted their backstory, so we won’t revisit that history here. Instead, let’s get to reviewing the Standard OWB Light Mounted holster.”

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