Hunting is Conservation — Let’s Keep it That Way

Hunting is Conservation — Let’s Keep it That Way

Author: Delta Waterfowl
Published: July 1, 2022

By Cyrus Baird

When I was an undergraduate student at Clemson University majoring in wildlife and fisheries biology, the majority of my classmates naturally grew up hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors.

We would routinely skip class to hunt (sorry, Mom), and I assumed that was the norm for people in similar situations as us. After graduation, friends in my graduating class went on to work in state fish and wildlife agencies, federal agencies, conservation non-profits and other places where, in just a few short years, we would be in leadership roles making decisions that directly impact hunters and conservation on a large scale.

However, it was a few short years into my professional career that I started realizing more and more that my experience, and that of the majority of my classmates, might have been unique. Today, more and more students are graduating with degrees in wildlife, fisheries, natural resources and other key areas with little to no experience, or even a basic understanding, of hunting and the critical role it plays in wildlife management and conservation funding in the country. To continue, click here.

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