Hunting is Sustainable and Important

Hunting is Sustainable and Important

Author: Timney Triggers
Published: September 23, 2022

Did you know that legal hunting is widely considered to be an important sustainability practice? It’s true! Hunting has a multitude of positive and important impacts on ecosystems, and people, across the world. In the United States alone, hunting has been an important part of funding nonprofit organizations that implement environmental preservation and conservation efforts. As well as ecological benefits, hunting also has great perks for those who consume game meat. The list of environmental and personal advantages of hunting is endless, which is one of the reasons why it has become such an integral part of our history and culture. Come along with us as we dive into just a few of the reasons hunting is a beneficial practice…

When it comes to our planet, hunting is extremely important. The practice of hunting is what allows us to enjoy the beautiful, vast landscapes of the United States. This is because the tags that hunters purchase for their season directly fund environmental preservation and conservation organizations that work to maintain the land that is used for hunting. The land that these organizations are protecting aren’t just for hunters either, they are for all of us. They are public lands that we can all enjoy for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, and more! Without the funding from yearly hunters, the lands that we all enjoy runs the risk of being mismanaged, which in turn can have incredible ecological consequences, not only for the wildlife and wildlands, but for us as well.

One of the negative consequences of mismanaged wildlands is overpopulation. When wildlife populations get out of hand, whether that’s too many prey or predatory animals, the ecosystem gets thrown out of balance. When there are too many prey animals roaming around, the environment suffers because the animals have exhausted the resources at their disposal, thus slowly killing the land they live on. On the other hand, when there are too many predatory animals, there aren’t enough prey animals out there to help grown and maintain the environment, which creates a whole new set of issues that cannot be easily contained. The balance of the environment is vital for the survival of ourselves, wildlands, and wildlife. With the help of hunters, this balance has been steadily maintained, which allows Mother Nature to thrive and do what she does best.

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