Kentucky Hunting Buddies Double Up on Opening Day Monsters

Kentucky Hunting Buddies Double Up on Opening Day Monsters

Author: Realtree
Published: September 27, 2022

Here at Harvester we’re constantly looking for a big kill to show off! Check out this article where two massive bucks were killed during opening week of bow season in Kentucky.

“Robby Bishop and Hunter Wood put more than 325 inches of velvet antler on the ground during the Bluegrass bow opener

Robby Bishop and Hunter Wood were destined to be friends. Robby’s dad and Hunter’s grandfather were best friends and hunting partners. Their cousins and uncles all hung out together. So, when the two started talking about mutual outdoor interests years ago, it was only natural that they became friends. “There’s a little bit of an age difference, so I kind of feel like a big brother to Hunter,” Robby said.

From deer and turkey hunting to small game and fishing, the pair can nearly always be found together. “If one of us is out and the other isn’t, or if we are in different deerstands or hunting different farms, we constantly text back and forth about deer movement and other stuff,” Robby said.

This year, both hunters had big bucks showing up on trail camera. They spent the summer and early fall running cameras and hanging stands in hopes that at least one of them could close the deal on a big deer.

As season approached, Robby’s buck was on a morning pattern. He was familiar with the deer when it first appeared on camera back during the summer. Both he and his dad had passed on the buck the year before. “I estimate that he would have scored about 135 last season, but we knew he was young and hoped he would really blow up this year,” Robby said. ”

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