North Carolina Hunter Takes Wide-framed Typical One Year After Shooting Another Giant

North Carolina Hunter Takes Wide-framed Typical One Year After Shooting Another Giant

Author: North American Whitetail Magazine
Published: November 3, 2022

“Mickey Wilson shot two big, North Carolina deer exactly one year apart in the exact same spot.

Finding the perfect hunting spot is something deer hunters dream of. It must be easy to access, have a ton of sign and plenty of places to get a shot. Then, ideally, a great buck shows up on your trail camera, and you seal the deal.

Does that mean you are on to something? Maybe. What if a second huge buck shows right where you shot the first one? And what if it happens on the same date two years in a row? Would that work for you?

Mickey Wilson can tell you how it came about for him!

Mickey took a wide, tall-tined 9-point in a pine thicket last year on Sept 13. The buck was far better than average for the area. Most folks there, including Mickey, figured it was the king of the woods. However, there was a surprise coming.

A few weeks later, an even larger buck showed up on his trail cameras. The frame was similar, but the rack was super wide; and the beams had something different going on.

North Carolina is a two-buck state. So, Mickey took up pursuit of this new target, and that turned into a real cat-and-mouse game. He has two blinds in the thicket, and the buck always managed to be at one location while Mickey sat in the other. All his efforts could not make it happen, and the buck won round one. The season ended, and the long wait that we all hate began.

By July of 2022, Mickey was ready again. He went back in, put out some corn and fired up a trail camera. Bingo! The buck showed up within 24 hours. All Mickey had to do next was keep the giant there until the season opened.”

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