Prep For Next Deer Season Now

Prep For Next Deer Season Now

Author: Bowhunter Magazine
Published: October 28, 2021

Tony J Peterson explores way it is important to use the winter months to plan ahead for the following year’s deer season. From bare woods that showcase the perfect rubs, the burrowed beds, and the prime spotting locations. If you are a hunter, the winter is your friend.

“Last fall, after spending most of my time hunting public land in a few different states, I came to the realization that deer hunting is more like elk hunting than I’d previously thought. For starters, let’s say you’re headed to Colorado or Idaho to try your luck on public-land bulls. Without question, you’ll have company in the woods with you. You’ll also only have a productive hunt if you’re around lots of fresh sign. It’s that simple.

With whitetails, the same rules apply, but on a smaller scale. Where it gets tricky is when you talk yourself into hunting a spot simply because the sign is “good enough.” This might be a few field-edge rubs or scrapes, or the random one-off bits of sign you might encounter in an accessible area.”


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