Remington 700 Elite Hunter

Remington 700 Elite Hunter

Author: Timney Triggers
Published: September 30, 2022

At Timney, our aim is to make you the best shooter you can be by creating triggers that improve accuracy and reliability. We have been doing this since 1946, so we’re pretty much experts on the topic at this point. That is why we can say, with confidence, that our Remington 700 Elite Hunter trigger is the best aftermarket trigger for someone who is looking to elevate their accuracy while hunting.

Timney started out by making replacement triggers for hunting rifles after the end of World War II, so when Remington released their renown Model 700 in 1962, we already knew we could make an amazing replacement trigger. Allen Timney quickly went to work, creating a new trigger that would take all the great factors of Remington and make them better. With this new trigger, hunters had peace of mind while out in the field because they knew their trigger would make them more accurate with their rifle.

Since then, Timney has been listening and learning. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and take notice when they make requests. We create new triggers based on the market, and we improve upon our old trigger constantly so our customers have the most innovative and modern trigger designs at their disposal.

The Elite Hunter is just one of our many esteemed Remington 700 triggers. Though this trigger is one of many, that is not to say that it’s just like the rest. No, the Elite Hunter is, well, elite. From the engineering design behind the trigger to the machining process, this trigger sets itself apart from the rest. Although it was released back in 2019, the Elite Hunter has maintained its status as one of our top selling triggers, and as you read further, you’ll understand why.

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