Should I Pattern My Gun?

Should I Pattern My Gun?

Author: Müller Choke Tubes
Published: August 11, 2022

If you are a shooting competitor or a hunter, you should pattern your chokes.

I hear so many competitors say they have never patterned a gun on paper.  So here is what is mind boggling–these are the same people that are changing chokes at every station?!?!?  How could you put a choke in your barrel for a specific target presentation, at a specific distance to obtain the greatest margin of error to hit that target if you do not know what your pattern is???  It makes absolutely no sense at all!

Here is why I am adamant about this topic.   In the quest to become a top competitor,  I knew I would have to get technical in every aspect to have the slightest chance to compete with the top shooters. (Truth is….I sort of like getting “technical” too.  That is why I’ve made a business out of aerospace parts manufacturing.  I like precision.) And when it comes to shotgun performance, I’ve always been fascinated with shot PATTERNS and POI (Point Of Impact).

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