Simple nymphing: Part I

Simple nymphing: Part I

Author: Hatch Magazine
Published: December 15, 2022

“Simplify your nymphing rig and catch more trout

Some years ago, when I was just a bit younger than I am now, another fly fishing guide and I were fishing a well-known Montana creek right before run-off. He was using nymphs, while I was casting a dry fly. We split up for a bit, then met up and compared notes. I was doing pretty well, but he wasn’t having much luck. Then he mentioned that he didn’t think there were many trout around.

I pointed to a little slot right in front of us where the water dropped from maybe 18 inches to 3 feet and told him to cast right there. He followed my advice, made a handful of drifts, and then declared that there were no trout in that slot.

After looking at his rig, which employed a large indicator, followed by two small indicators, with a variety of weights spread out on his leader, and finally, two nymphs, I told him that his nymph rig was the problem.

He disagreed — apparently his rig was incredibly popular in Utah at the time — and then explained how the three indicators worked in concert with the weights and the fly to ensure the perfect presentation, as well as the most trout to hand.

We argued for a bit — it turns out that he had total confidence in his set-up, while I thought it was borderline ridiculous — then finally agreed that the only way to settle our disagreement was for me to fish the same little slot.

I cut off my dry fly, tied on a couple of weighted nymphs, added a small yarn indicator in an appropriate spot on my leader and prepared to cast.”

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