They don’t make fly guides like this anymore

They don’t make fly guides like this anymore

Author: Trout Unlimited
Published: July 20, 2022

A warm farewell to Terry Gunn, the guru of Lees Ferry, Arizona

The other day, my good friend, Terry Gunn, announced that he was officially retiring from guiding.  For those of you who do not know Terry Gunn, he has, since the early 1980s, been the guy (the guru) at Lees Ferry, Arizona, which is one of the most visually captivating, technically alluring, and ultimately rewarding trout fisheries on planet earth.

Once you go to Lees Ferry to fish, fly fishing will never be the same for you, and if ever you had an opportunity to fish shoulder-to-shoulder with Terry Gunn, he likely changed you too.

To call Terry a “guide” is really shortchanging him, and I apologize for that. He’s an entrepreneur, and an advocate. He’s a husband (to wife Wendy, herself a paradigm-shifting icon in our fly-fishing world), and father of a fast-rising guide, Troy. He’s a remarkable photographer, publisher, conservationist, and author whose work has graced the pages of fishing and outdoor publications for generations. But most importantly, he’s a mentor and a teacher.

It’s fair to say that Terry Gunn launched my career.

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