Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


Author: Harvester
Published: November 18, 2022

The rut season is finally upon us and we are anxious to get out there. Are you the type of hunter that does research before going? Or do you wing it and trust the process you’ve followed for years? We’ve found that a quick search on the internet could answer a lot of your hunting questions and may even help you to have a more successful season. Game and Fish Magazine released a regional rut update this week with a lot of interesting tips for going into this weekend of hunting. 

According to their article, the East has been seeing a lot of movement between 10 am to 2 pm near sources of water, while the Mid-Atlantic hunters reported aggressive bucks with the majority of activity happening midday into the evening. One of the best tactics to get these shooter bucks is grunting as rattling and decoys have not shown much success. Also, from what we have read, there may not be any need to wake up super early in the morning next week because the majority of buck movement is happening midday. The full rut report article from Game and Fish can be found here. 

Be sure to check out some of our new homepage content including firearm safety, trophy bucks, wolf management, and a $109,000 King Mackerel. We’d love to see the social stream flooded with deer pictures from all of your big hunts next week. Don’t forget to tell your hunting buddies about Harvester so they can join the club too. 

We wish everyone luck in this coming week and hope you enjoy time with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Harvester Club!

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