Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up


Author: Harvester
Published: December 2, 2022

Hey Harvester! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We know a lot of you took advantage of rifle season starting up this past week and have seen some of your bucks already! Most of our team members stayed occupied in the woods as well. 

We stumbled upon an article we had to share with you guys because it’s so unbelievable. A hunter in Maine came up on a 9 point and a 10 point with their horns locked together. They were wrapped around a tree on the ground when the hunter realized the 10 point had been dead for some time while the 9 was still very much alive. With an out-loud apology, the hunter shot the 9 point and called DNR regarding the other buck. This was a once in a lifetime encounter and the hunter has plans of having these deer mounted in the same locked position he found them in. The full article from Field and Stream can be found with this link. Go check it out because the photos have been included and you don’t want to miss it. 

Hopefully by now you have enough deer meat in the freezer to last you until next season. If hunting isn’t your style, we have plenty of fishing, outdoor adventure, and cooking content on Harvester.Club for your enjoyment. There will be more to come on our social channels as well, so don’t forget to give us a follow. Keep sharing Harvesters!

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