Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup


Author: Harvester
Published: November 11, 2022

Happy Friday Harvesters.

We cannot go on today without first giving a special thanks to all our veterans. Your bravery and sacrifice does not go unnoticed. We honor you today, and every day!

Today’s weekly roundup topic on hand – deer meat! Who doesn’t love the opportunity to cook what we catch or kill?!? Sometimes we even find ourselves with an abundance of game meat and a loss of ideas on how we should prepare it. Well, you are in luck! We did some research and decided we’d share with you guys some creative ways to cook up some great venison. 

It all begins at the processor. The first way way to make sure your deer meat is more versatile is to have some of it ground up. If you can have ground venison on hand, you’ll be able to prepare more recipes with the meat than if it were just simply in filets.

Here are some great recipes to cook that big trophy whitetail: 

Miss Allie’s Kitchen is also an incredible resource for wild game recipes. She even has an entire cookbook dedicated to venison. Preparing a meal with food you personally hunted, cleaned, and handled is a rewarding experience that we hope you will share with us soon! 

As always, this week we shared a ton of articles on the Harvester homepage. Rut hunting successes, tips for hunting black bears, and a rare gold Crappie are just a few examples of the interesting content we’ve found this week. Shoutout to member Bryan Dolph for sharing with us a look into his hunting experiences so far this season. We hope that you had a great week, Harvesters, and look forward to seeing what you get into next! 

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