Zeroing in the Benelli LUPO for Deer Hunting

Zeroing in the Benelli LUPO for Deer Hunting

Author: Benelli
Published: July 29, 2022

As a newer hunter, I’m still figuring out what hunting gear is right for me. The first couple times I went deer hunting, I used my husband’s 30-.06, which has more recoil and weight than I’d like. But it did help me harvest my first deer. Now for the first time, I’m hunting with my own rifle. In fact, I’m sighting in a rifle for the first time – the Benelli LUPO Bolt-Action 30-.06 (MSRP $1699) paired with a Crimson Trace Brushline Pro 3-12×42 BDC scope (MSRP $359.99) and the BOG Death Grip tripod (MSRP $279.99).

I’ll admit, the idea of sighting in a rifle sounded intimidating. But I was surprised at how straightforward and easy it was to zero in my Benelli LUPO.

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