Beta Tester Overview

What is Harvester:

A virtual club connecting members through their passion for the great outdoors.

Who is Harvester For:

Harvester is for those who enjoy the outdoors through a number of hobbies and supports the conservation of its beauty, land, and inhabitants. If you are a hunter, trapper, angler, or target shooter this club is designed for you. We also welcome anyone that wants to learn more about how the outdoor community supports conservation and sustainability. Content is open to anyone that is interested in conservation efforts, wildlife management, and the research that supports this industry.

What can you do on the site:

  • Connect with fellow community members through unique, personal profile pages by posting daily content in the form of posts, videos, articles, and photos. Members can also join or create groups based on a variety of interests and activities.
  • Engage with the outdoors industry by staying up to date on the latest industry news, conservation groups initiatives, research reports, and information on industry friendly legislation.
  • Plan experiences by exploring an advanced directory of charters, guides, lodges, taxidermists, gear manufacturers, and much more. All content can be featured by location, species, gear type, and supplier for a more streamlined and personalized search.
  • Watch videos uploaded by community members, publishers, state natural resource  departments, conservation groups, and suppliers. The video gallery only features videos dedicated to hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting sports.

How Can You Help Us:

As the site just launched, we are in need of beta testers. We are looking for feedback from you, our friends and colleagues, to help make the site as user friendly as possible. Our goal is to push this out to the larger community by the end of June.  If you have an hour and can test the site, here is the help we could use:

  • Be a User
    • Sign up as a member under Connect (membership will always be free)
    • Create a profile 
    • Post a Photo
    • Post a Video
    • Find friends 
    • Create and/or Join a Group
    • Add a Video to the Watch Gallery
    • Search for a business 
    • Review a Business 
    • Create a Board 
    • Add to a collection
    • Comment on an article
    • Search for an article under Engage
    • Share an article
  • Identify Bugs
    • Let us know what is not working and report any bugs or issues.
      • Please check the site on your computer, phone, and tablet. 
    • Let us know what we are missing.

Please take this survey to provide your feedback. Thank you very much for taking the time to beta test the site.