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44th Annual Northeast Regional Trapping & Outdoor Expo

Start Date: August 18, 2022 | End Date: August 20, 2022

Northeast Regional Trapping & Outdoor Expo
August 18-20, 2022

Schedule of events:
Thursday, August 18
10am – John Bielat: Deep Sea Fishing
11am – Allie Ladd: Moose Horns
Noon – Jeff French: NY Style Fisher
1pm – Troy Riverson:Chaga/Mushroom
2pm – Danny Payne: Bobcat Trapping
3pm – Trapper Adrian: Taking pics on the Trapline
4pm – Don Powell: Mink Master Oct Fest
6pm – Bob Noonan: Cage Traps for Fisher
7pm – Todd Strohecker: Canines

Friday, August 19
8am – Newt Sterling: Snaring for Survival
9am – Caleb Jones: Muskrats
10am – Alvin Yates: Unique Trapping Ideas
11am – Steve Stone: Water Animals
Noon- Larry Miller: 2 Stick Blind Set
1pm- Woody Dubray: Canines
2pm-John Daniel: NTA President on Mink
3pm-Jerry&John Pingley:Clean Skin Beaver, Gland Removal, and Talk Trapping
4pm-Joel Dilorenzo: The Fox Master from PA
5pm-Randy Richards: Fur Market/State of the Fur Trade
5:45-Paul Grimshaw Remembrance

Saturday, August 20
8am-JP Wilson & Nate Brock: Bobcat Q&A
9am-Randy Cross: The Bear Expert
10am-Jerry Braley: Water Trapping
11am-Mike McDonald: Open Water Foot Traps for Beaver
Noon-Neil Olsen: Canines (Long Term Unbelievable Numbers)
1pm- Phil Brown: 1000 fox/canines
2pm-Mark Zagger: Canines
3pm- Ancient Ones

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