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The Arizona Women's Shooting Associates was formed with the purpose of introducing women to this wonderful sport. We strive to encourage and educate.

About the Company

AWSA teaches with repeated drills to create muscle memory to help in the defense process. Knowing the condition of your gun at all times is strictly enforced by the safety rules. The student will become aware that this is not only a fun sport, but also a thinking sport. Learning to plan their shots for competition and knowing when to reload for example. AWSA is a ladies group on the move. We might be sitting, kneeling, prone, standing or running. To get you to this point is our goal, and having fun doing it! All instructors are NRA certified with a combined 30 years of firearm instruction. There is a yearly membership fee of $50 and a range fee of $15. We welcome guests for a range fee of $20. Check our website for our shooting schedule. We usually shoot on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.



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47801 N Black Canyon Hwy #307
New River, ARIZONA, 85087

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