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Bald Mountain Shooting Range is located on just over 130 acres in Lake Orion. Bald Mountain offers a wide array of target shooting opportunities. You’ll find a myriad of clay target, rifle and pistol shooting amenities here as well as the Michigan Shooting Centers gun showroom!

About the Company

Sporting clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting, often described as “golf with a shotgun” because a typical course includes from 10 to 15 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain. Sporting clays offers a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes. Every course is different. Eye-twisting target presentations as well as the variety of models of clay targets make the sport extremely interesting. Each station presents you with a whole new experience! Our sporting clays courses operate using a TargetKey counting system, which count how many clays you launch and allows shooters to utilize any combination of the clay target presentations – whether it be singles, reports or true pairs. The system also offers a delay feature for individual shooters. We have three sporting clays courses at Bald Mountain – the ridge course, the upland course, and the executive course. The Ridge Course – the ridge course has 14 stations with four automatic clay target throwers at every station, A’s and B’s set for the novice/intermediate shooter and C’s and D’s for the competitive shooter. The Upland Course – the upland course is an easier course and has 14 stations, each with two automatic clay target throwers. The upland has relatively easy to medium shots with a lot of presentations that simulate wing-shooting. The Executive Course – the executive course is our 5 station miniature course. Each station has A’s and B’s that are super easy and C’s and D’s that are relatively difficult. If you’re looking to introduce someone new to clay target shooting, the executive course is usually the best starting point.



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