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Experience the thrill of these hard fighting fish as they make their annual spawning runs from the Chesapeake Bay up the James River. These trips are in the heart of Downtown Richmond aboard our 16ft skiff captained by a US Coast Guard licensed captain.

About the Company

Current Culture Fly Shop is a full service fly shop located in the Forest Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. Established in 2021, we are proud to carry leading brands in fly fishing gear and the largest selection of fly tying materials in the area. Our focus is on creating a welcoming and approachable culture around fly fishing in our community. Simón and Reid met in 2019 and quickly connected over their interest in the outdoors- both growing up as anglers. Since then, they have worked in fly fishing and learned the ins and outs of the rapidly growing industry. Reid Parker holds a Bachelors in Science and has a long held interest in biology. Simón graduated from University of Miami with a degree in film and later moved to Richmond in 2013. Their next goals lie in creating accessibility and knowledge to the community through the sport of fly fishing.



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1207 Westover Hills Blvd
Richmond, Virginia, 23225

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