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Full Metal Jacket Gun Range / Training Center is a full-service shooting range in Ocean View, NJ. Whether you need to practice shooting your firearm or your bow, we have the ranges and rentals to make it happen.



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About the Company

Intense self-defense training including defensive tactics, holster draw from concealment, proper shooting techniques, legal aftermath of a self-defense shooting, New Jersey firearm laws, and more. You will need a concealed carry type firearm (no ..’s) and matching hip holster, a concealment garment, 350 – 400 rounds of factory manufactured ammo for your gun. (Extensive shooting drills!) This course will have both a written and shooting test in orfer to qualify. Satisfactory completion of the course will meet the training requirements for a CCW in over 45 states, including NEW JERSEY. Call 609-427-6774 or email fmjgunrange@gmail.com for any other details. The course is also a prerequisite for becoming an NRA CCW instructor.



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