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Unfortunately in North Carolina, all it takes is someone paying a $50 license fee and they are now considered a "taxidermist", no training or requirements at all! Therefore it is easy for a hunter to assume anyone that is licensed as a taxidermist can provide a great quality mount; unfortunately that is not the case. So if you are looking for an exceptional mount to admire for years to come make sure when you are deciding on where to take your trophy to be mounted that you really do your research on the persons' skills and training. Are they an Award winning taxidermist? If so, in what division? Amateur, Professional, or Master's Division? Make sure to ask, because it does matter! And choosing your taxidermist based solely on price can result in a mistake you may regret for years to come.

About the Owner

My name is Jake Rouse, and I am the owner and wildlife artist at Jake Rouse Taxidermy. I have spent my whole life outdoors hunting and observing how wildlife moves and interacts. I remember as a young boy, being on my father’s back with my arms wrapped around his neck as we climbed the tree stands together. However, as much as I love hunting, I realized many years ago that I have a true passion for recreating wildlife as a taxidermist. I studied business at Mount Olive College, obtaining my degree in Business Management; as well as attending Johnson Community College’s taxidermy course. I take taxidermy very serious and have invested in myself to continuously improve my skills over the years. I am an active member in The North Carolina Taxidermist's Association; currently serving as the Vice President for the association, and I also served as a board member for the association for 2016 & 2017. As a hunter I know how much your trophy means to you...that is why I have trained one on one with some of the best taxidermists in the Country, including World Champion and National Champion taxidermist's, to provide you with exceptional mounts! I am also very proud to be an award winning taxidermist, winning many awards myself including being a Multi-State State Champion! I have also judged Youth, Amateur, and Commercial Divisions in taxidermy competitions; as well as given seminars in different states at taxidermy conventions. I always work my hardest for perfection and want every one of my mounts to reflect that! I am not your typical taxidermist from down the road… I love doing the typical style mounts, but also love a challenge and creating very unique pieces as well! Therefore, in my shop the only limit is your imagination! And because of that I am very fortunate to have customers drive from hours away, even other states; as well as shipping their trophies to me just to have me mount their trophies. And I mount every piece as if it is my own trophy that I am preserving the memory of. I do not take short cuts, and only use quality materials that meet my standards! So you can rest assure that your trophy will result in a high quality mount here!



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