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At Larsen Bay Lodge the adventure still remains! Here you can still experience the raw beauty and bountiful wildlife of Alaska - without the crowds. We offer saltwater AND freshwater fishing. We have our own fleet of boats, our own floatplane, and experienced guides to put you amidst all the hunting and fishing action!

About the Owner

Mike's Mom and Dad instilled in Mike a strong sense of place and appreciation for this beautiful and rugged corner of the world. Mike grew up hunting and fishing in the mountains, lakes, rivers, and saltwater bays surrounding Larsen Bay. At the early age of 15, Mike was already helping transport and guide hunters for his Dad. In later years Mike bought his own commercial fishing vessel and began fishing commercially for salmon and participating in what is commonly accepted as "The Most Dangerous Occupation in the World" - crabbing during the winter months in the harsh and unforgiving Alaskan waters. Mike took over operation of the Larsen Bay Lodge from his ailing father in the mid-1980’s. During the intervening years, Mike has transformed the lodge from a small 6 client lodge to a beautiful beachfront complex consisting of 2 main lodges and 2 waterfront cabins that can now accommodate up to 24 people. All the support facilities have grown with the lodge as well, including kitchens, skinning shed, maintenance shop and guide's quarters. Mike is a Registered Big Game Guide in the State of Alaska and like his father continues to give back to his community. He has served on the City Council and the Tribal Council for many years. He also supports the Elders by subsistence hunting for them. Mike is a Shareholder in the Koniag Native Corporation, which gives Larsen Bay Lodge access to native lands where outsiders are not permitted. He has also been involved in meetings with The Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game,, as well as the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge,, as those agencies administer invaluable management of the wildlife resources and habitat found on Kodiak Island Mike and his wife Tamarin live at the lodge and manage its day-to-day operations. Mike’s son Frank, named for the lodge’s founder, recently obtained his Master Coast Guard license and Big Game Assistant Guide license and has become an integral part of this family run business. We are honored to live where we live and do what we do.



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Main Address

101 Beach Front Drive
Larsen Bay, Alaska, 99624

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