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Lily Pond Creek Lodge is our flagship location. It’s been in Dock’s family for generations, this is where it all began. This converted plantation house has undergone renovations and is very comfortable and is the central gathering place for our meals and has our walk in game cooler and processing station on site. This lodge accommodates 10-12 hunters and is available for 3,5 & 6 day hunts. All linens and towels are provided and like the other lodges there is a washer and dryer on premise. You won’t miss your favorite football team with our satellite TV. All deer hunters staying at Lily Pond Creek enjoy our unrestricted hunts. Other than Button Bucks, does and small antlered bucks are legal to harvest. Depending on your hunt package you will have the opportunity to harvest up to 3-4 deer during your stay. So bring a big cooler for transporting that tasty venison home. We hunt various local farms and we also hunt right behind the lodge. With thousands of acres to choose from and no need to count points this lodge is perfect for the hunter who simply wants to hunt and enjoy the time in the stand.

About the Owner

Lily Pond Creek Hunting Lodge has a long history. Started by Dock Boone the owner, over 25 years ago it has developed into the premier outfitter of eastern North Carolina. Dock is a graduate of NC State with a degree in crop sciences and his family owned one of the largest seed and fertilizer supply companies in the area. This background helped develop a partnership with the local farmers and enabled Dock to secure access and develop a strong bond with the land to create a special place where farming, hunting and nature all coexist perfectly. From humble beginnings to over 15,000 acres of managed land and 4 lodges we must be doing something right! Come see for yourself and start your tradition with us this season.



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Jackson, North Carolina, 27845

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