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This public range has private bays for pistol and rifle, 100-yard bay for rifle and a 30-station sporting clays course. Bring your own guns or rent one of ours.



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About the Company

Today, the Range is constantly buzzing with activity, including; regular Fun Shoots and Youth Shooting Education on our Sporting Clays Range; morning duck hunts in the basin; various hands-on rifle and pistol courses taking place at our Bays; annual events such as our Youth Days and Hands-On Sports Fair; not to mention the countless guests we serve on a daily basis. ​ Additionally, the range is the center of gravity for many local wildlife and conservation organizations and serves as the location of numerous Hunter Safety Courses, a tradition started and championed by Mike. Through these educational opportunities, students are taught not only how to safely operate their firearms in a hunting situation, but first-aid skills, game identification, wilderness survival, the laws of California, and so much more; all calumniating in students earning their hunting license. After his passing, Mike and his efforts in creating a culture of firearm safety was recognized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife through the presentation of an award to Eliane and the family. Mike was incredibly proud that the range served, consistently, as the top location for producing Hunter Safety Course graduates. "Of everything I do here, that's the most important," Mike said. "It's the dearest thing to my heart. It makes it a safer world. There are guns in our society. People need to know how to handle them safely. We're giving them a safe way to deal with guns." ​ You, too, can become a part of this legacy by taking a Hunter Safety Course.



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