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Whether you’ve got years of salmon fishing experience or you’ve never held a fishing pole, A Spot Tail Salmon Guide offers an unparalleled experience. Captain Keith Robbins has been fishing on the Puget Sound for 30 years in Seattle. That means from the best places to cast your fly, to great spots for beginners to bottom fish, to picturesque views for sightseeing and sea burials, he knows where to take you. Unlike most Seattle fishing charters, we provide each angler with their own rod and teach an active approach that lets you feel the pull of a bite and reel in your own catch. Our specialty is mooching for salmon on private and group tours. We also offer Seattle fly fishing, bottom fishing, sightseeing tours and sea burials. Located less than 7 miles north of downtown, you won’t find a Seattle fishing charter closer to the city center. The best way to experience the Seattle is from the water, so plan your nautical adventure today.

About the Capitan

A Spot Tail Salmon Guide is the only guide service offering light tackle and saltwater fly fishing in the central Puget Sound area. At up to 45 MPH, our boat can reach several fishing areas quickly. Puget Sound offers some of the most spectacular surroundings for salmon fishing in the United States. Along with the mountains, sunrise and sunsets, you may have the opportunity to see bald eagles, seals, sea lions, otters, porpoise, killer whales & gray whales. With 28 years experience as a fishing guide, Captain Keith Robbins knows the inner sound’s hot spots and will provide you with every opportunity to catch fish and learn more about the art of fishing. What’s more, when you’re done fishing, it’s just a short, 12 minute drive back into Seattle’s downtown area. Explore the restaurants, brewpubs, hotels, theaters and other establisnts that make Seattle one of America’s most livable cities!



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