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Whitetail Heaven has 4 year-round lodges, each with its own unique look, feel, and amenities. Whether you're looking to relax by the fire, play a round of pool, shoot some hoops or need some target practice, there's a lodge for you!

About the Owner

In 2002, Owner Tevis McCauley combined his love for the outdoors and Southern Hospitality to chase his childhood dream of creating one of the nation's most recognized hunting destinations. Image Item Image Item Image Item Image Item Whitetail Heavens gross score for harvested bucks is right at 150 inches. We anticipate a rise in our average from year to year. All of our properties are cherry picked and are scattered across the trophy filled bluegrass region of Central Kentucky, Southern Ohio and Southern Indiana. Central Kentucky is home to both Kentuckys state record Typical and Non-Typical deer. Its the region of Ky where most of the states trophies are harvested. The state record Non-Typical was harvested less then 8 miles from our Kentucky lodge. Kentucky is the record holder of the 6th biggest typical buck ever killed in the world. Kentucky is most deer professionals top pick for a Boone & Crockett buck or even a world record. Kentucky put more B & C scoring deer in the record books in 2011, 2013 and 2014 then any other state. Therefore Kentucky is one the best Trophy Buck destination in the world! We hunt the world famous Highland and Adams County in Southern Ohio which are the #1 Booner counties in Ohio. These counties are nestled along the Ohio River giving a lot of our southern Ohio properties rich Ohio River bottomland. A lot of our Indiana hunting is done in the Boone and Crockett rich Jennings County as well as Harrison County which had 3 bucks recorded over 200 inches in 2015 alone. Whitetail Heaven is one of the best opportunities out there for harvesting a mature record book buck. We do our hunting from everything from ground blinds to climbing stands to well built permanent stands. We hunt everything from cedar thickets to soy bean fields. We find that winter wheat, big stands of cedars, honey suckle, standing beans and corn and buck forage oats is some of the best late season hunting a man can find. We have also found that high protein soybeans not only grow big racks but are also a favorite to bucks in the early fall along with various clovers and alfalfa. Big stands of white oaks is a favorite for our September and October bow hunters. Our miles upon miles of Kentucky River bottoms are also home to some of Kentuckys biggest bucks and our miles upon miles of Ohio River bottoms are home to some of Ohio and Indianas biggest bucks. And Whitetail Heaven is the place waiting for you to soon call home and to come experience some of the best deer hunting in the world.



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Nicholasville, Kentucky, 40356

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