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About the Company

Wyoming Gun Company is an indoor training and shooting center offering the residents of Casper a state of the art facility to learn, train and enjoy shooting sports in a safe environment. We have 9 lanes running 25 yards and 7 lanes at 100 yards for shooters of all skill level. Every lane is equipped with a top of the line retrieval system, operated by a touchscreen on each lane individually. The retrievals can be sent downrange from 5 to 25 yards with a touch of a button, they are also programmable to run multiple scenarios, from beginning skill level to expert training. Our range is climate controlled with a powerful air handling and filtration system. All the air pulled off the range runs through a series of HEPA filters, this is to ensure the cleanest air possible for the safety of our members, guests, and employees. The Bullet traps consist of granular rubber and are rated to handle handgun and rifle calibers, we allow all handguns, and rifles up to .308 on the 25 yard range. Rifles only on the 100 yard range, all calibers up to but excluding .50 BMG. Wyoming Gun Company has 2 classrooms to offer multiple training and safety classes. We also have a full retail store available with guns to purchase or rent. You can “try it before you buy it!” Wyoming Gun Company offers something Casper has never seen before. Come check it out and have some fun!



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580 Landmark Dr
Casper, WYOMING, 82609

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