Club Rules and Guidelines

Harvester was made with the intention to honor and celebrate the great outdoors. It is a mutually safe space for hunters, anglers, trappers, marksmen, conservationists, and recreational businesses and organizations to come together to share, congratulate, and challenge the mainstream urban view in a respectful manner. To keep the peace, without limits, we have drafted some dos and don’ts for the members of Harvester to follow.

If you see any content or membership actions that you think violates the below guidelines, please contact a Harvester administrator.

Sensitive Content

Gone are the days of extreme censorship on your hunt, your catch, and your harvest – at least on Harvester’s platform. Instead, our definition of “sensitive content” touches on the more extreme topics of terrorism, nudity, and hate groups. We do not allow the support or accessibility to any organized hate groups, sexual services, or terrorism initiatives.


No content that is intended to scam, mislead, spam, or defraud others will be allowed on Harvester.


We are a community. And it is important we remain supportive of all our members. Though we encourage hard discussions, there is no room for threats of any kind, predatory behavior, malicious attacks, or content that promotes harm on others.

Appropriate Imagery & Content

All content and imagery should be relevant and useful. All members must have the rights to post what they share individually. Members must have rights to the content they post to the site.

Illegal Activity

Harvester is a community dedicated to the outdoors and will not allow for any content to be posted that supports terrorism or hate groups. All content posts must follow federal and local laws or it will be removed. This includes any buying or selling drugs, offering sexual services or buying or selling of endangered animals. Any posts about buying or selling of personal merchandise must follow all state and federal laws, specifically with respect to firearms and ammunition. Any content that promotes sexual contact with minors will be removed and membership will be revoked immediately.

Failure To Follow Guidelines

The Harvester team is responsible for keeping the virtual club a safe and engaging place for all. If we feel a piece of content or individual member is violating our community guidelines, we will act. It may be the removal of the entire post or just the offensive caption or the member entirely. Any flagged content will be taken seriously and heavily reviewed by our team of professionals.