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We are a federation of commercial and recreational anglers engaged in the practice of a considered kill.  We believe that we can improve the value proposition of an individual fish, which is guided by the principles of ike jime and disciplined by science.  Accordingly, we practice and promote the adoption of realistic, responsible, and measurable fish-harvesting methods in the service of protecting America’s grand seafood inheritance for the next generation and beyond.

The US is home to one of the richest, most biodiverse marine ecosystems on the planet, and the quality, type, and species of fish swimming in live form are not altogether different than the quality, type, and species of live fish swimming elsewhere in the world.  Yet the paradox of our domestic seafood industry on full display:  We struggle to compete against products arriving from distant countries in a marketplace that prizes “freshness.”  How can that be?

From Bluefin tuna off the New England Coast to the Snappers in the Gulf to the Marlin in Hawaii and the Salmon in Alaska, these fish are as robust and glittery as anywhere on the planet – live.  But the only way to ensure that the product value derived from these fish remains optimal is to understand our historical failures to protect their quality at the point of death.

We need a new generation of industry leaders in the American seafood economy.

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