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The Magazine

The Iowa Sportsman Magazine set out to be different than just another publication with big-name celebrities giving out advice or pushing new products. Our goal from day one has been to provide Iowa hunters and anglers with a magazine and community made just for them. Our magazine is written by everyday non-professionals who simply love to hunt and fish. We’re considered a trustworthy source by our readers because everything they read in Iowa Sportsman comes from an Iowa hunter or angler just like them—our writers are skilled and talented Iowa sportsmen who enjoy the same hobbies you do. We still produce our magazines with this mindset, and will continue to do so for years to come.

The Website

Our website was created in 1999 and was originally called Iowa Sportsman quickly grew into the number one site for Iowans to visit to discuss hunting and fishing. The simple, user-generated, forum-based format was easy for members to use and allowed precisely what we wanted in a website: for the normal people of Iowa to be the ones providing the content, just like the magazine.

In 2007, The Iowa Sportsman Magazine purchased the rights to We made the URL name change to, but kept everything else the same. It was a perfect marriage of media sources! Both the website and the magazine were created to do the same thing, just in different formats.

Today we consider ourselves Iowa’s most popular media source for Iowans interested in hunting, fishing, and experiencing the Iowa outdoor lifestyle. We still hold on to the notion that we are created by Iowans, for Iowans, and our content will always be generated by good ol’ Iowans, the true professionals of Iowa sportsmanship.

Our past had a solid foundation that has helped us succeed in the present, and we look forward to a future of magazine and website content continually produced by Iowans. Although we are always thinking of ways to improve our products, stay on top of the current trends, and work with innovative new ideas, we will always stay true to our roots.

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