Arrowhead Whitetail Lodge

  • Location: Michigan
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Your hunting day begins bright and early with a hearty, breakfast, then it's off to the field by foot or four-wheeler to hunt by tree-stand, blind or stalk. Our experienced guides will join on the one-on-one guided hunt to provide assistance and advice. You're assured of seeing a number of trophy-quality deer every day, and will have the opportunity to harvest the whitetail of your dreams. Our staff will then field dress your trophy for meat processing and taxidermy.



  • Full Service


  • Archery
  • Fishing

Hunting Methods

  • Driven Hunt


  • Shooting Range
  • Air Conditioning
  • Full Kitchen
  • Fireplace

About the Owner

As lifelong fellow bow hunters we have spent years crafting and honing the Arrowhead property and its Lodge into a first class destination for bow hunters seeking a whitetail deer hunting paradise (second to none)! Our beautiful natural terrain coupled with the meticulous management of our trophy whitetail deer herd has made our dream come true and it can make yours as well. We feel that you too will find that Arrowhead Lodge is a very special place where nature is nurtured, where big trophy whitetails bucks are taken, where bow hunting memories are made and where lifelong traditions are born. ‚Äč We look forward to meeting you in person, providing you and maybe yours with your whitetail adventure, a hunt of a lifetime and seeing you get that trophy whitetail deer of your dreams.



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4288 N Dickinson Ave
Hesperia, Michigan, 49421

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