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The international name of Bavarian Warmblood, or Bayerisches Warmblut as it is known locally in Germany, was previously called the Rottaler Horse, a name which was discontinued in the 1960's when the Bavarian Warmblood was registered as a separate breed in1963.

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The outdoor activities of hunting and fishing are among the oldest and most enduring pastimes the world over. Not only have they continued as a demonstration of skill and survival, but they are often the things that feed the family! At Hopkins Hunt Fish we can't get enough of these exciting and honored hobbies, and our objective is to demonstrate to everyone that visits our website just how gratifying they really are. So, if you're ready to get started, visit our store and we'll get you set up with all you need. We stock a huge variety of shooting supplies, fishing gear, and outdoor supplies to suit any sportsman. Plus, our pricing on the best names in hunting and fishing products beat out those at other retailers every day.



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