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DALLY'S OZARK FLY FISHER is your gateway to the White River system and the fisheries of the Ozarks.

We are a full service fly shop and guide service in Cotter, Arkansas - just a mayfly flight from the White River. Whether you are heading onto the White, local smallmouth creeks, or further afield, our aim is to give you the best advice and the gear you need.

Wander in and make yourself at home. We strive to always make you feel welcome. Check the waterflows, receive fly recommendations, and ask a bunch of questions. Most of us in the shop are on the guide team, so you can rest assured you are getting the most up-to-date information. Our fly selection is second to none. Our fly bins feature the best patterns from the finest fly makers: Umpqua, Rainys, Fulling Mill, Montana Fly Company, Flymen, and Boogle Bug. We also pride ourselves on our locally tied selection featuring the flies of gurus Davy Wotton and Duane Hada, the best producers from the fly boxes of our guide team, and select flies from well-known local tiers. Steve Dally and head guide Chad Johnson are signature fly designers with Rainy's and MFC, respectively. Be sure to ask about Dally's Tailwater Jig, Tailwater Soft Hackle, Lap Dancer, Tiny Dancer, and Twerking Minnow from Rainy's or Chad Johnson's Sluggo, Big Johnson, and Freaky Frog from Montana Fly Company.


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About the Company

STEVE DALLY and JIM DUGAN have probably spent more time in fly shops, guide boats, sitting at tying tables and hanging out on riverbanks than most would consider sane. They both are total gear rats and not short on opinions. Jim has a penchant for the sweetgrass, slow rods and collectors reels; Steve likes fast action sticks, large arbor reels and jumping in anything that floats. A slow talking Missouri farmer, and a wisecracking Aussie journalist, these two might be our version of the odd couple. But they were united in two ways, their shared sense of humor and their philosophy of what makes a great fly shop: the people, the know-how and the gear. The pair acquired the well-known Mountain River Fly Shop, in Cotter, a shop with tremendous unrealized potential. So was born Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher and our commitment to deliver to you: THE equipment, flies and gear you need, and at the right price, to fish the White River, the Ozark waterways and beyond; THE best advice and education on how and where to fish; AND a home away from home which understands stuff like your obsession with finding the perfect thread color for a 22 midge; that getting the right fit in waders is more important than the label, and how to help you find the rod that whispers sweet nothings up your arm. Yes, we fly fishers are a weird group to the normal world, but welcome to a place that celebrates our shared strangeness. We'll sympathize when you are in the doghouse for chasing down the cat with a pair of scissors, we understand how it feels to spend your days dreaming of waters and fish and we know why you would stand all day in cold water in a downpour rather than be by a warm fire. Here the coffee is free, so are the rod demos or tying tips, and some sugar from one of the dogs. Steve and Jim wouldn't have it any other way. Our core product lines remain the same Simms, Sage, TFO, Fishpond, Umpqua, Hareline, Rainy's and of course Wapsi but you will see new and innovative products added regularly to be tested by ourselves and our customers against our criteria. Does it work, does it last and is it good value?



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