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Since 1947, our family of hunters, anglers, and firearms experts has been known for helpful advice, unparalleled know-how, and lifetime support of every product we sell.

About the Company

In 1947, 26-year-old Cecil Hopkins traded his life’s savings for a tiny, one-room gas station on US Route 1 in Ashland, Virginia. “Green Top Service” was what former owner, Stewart Spencer, had called his roadside station, and Cecil kept the name. After all, new signs cost money. And the roof was still as green as it was twenty years prior back when the station was built. Starting from day one, the Hopkins brothers, Cecil and Carroll, worked long hours to make the Green Top name mean something special. They pumped gas, sold basic groceries, fireworks, and supplied anglers with live bait and cane poles. They and their young families occupied two small cottages on the property so they could always be near the store to take care of customers.



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10150 Lakeridge Parkway
Ashland, Virginia, 23005

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(804) 550-2188

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