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Our commitment to customers in leveraging a comprehensive knowledge and passion about fly fishing equipment, techniques and destinations ensure that our customers are prepared for the best adventures possible locally and globally.

About the Company

Puget Sound Fly Co was founded by a couple of buddies whom spent their college years guiding some of the more popular trout rivers in Washington. One day someone (who will remain nameless) had the idea of not only managing, but owning a fly shop of their own. That was nearly 15 years ago and the rest, as they say, is rock and roll history. As the years rolled along, we have evolved from the small fly shop of local guides to the team that stands today. We are a small group of passionate anglers that got our start here in the Pacific Northwest. Each of us share a similar beginning, but the experiences are as vastly different as each person that walks into our door. Each of us have been involved in the fly fishing retail industry at some point or another and there is one common thread that runs through each of us, we place our customers first. All of us strive to ensure that each person that browses through our shop comes away feeling confident and ready to take on their next fishing adventure. Our customers have been all over; whether they are trying their hand at bonefish in the Bahamas, maybe they are going back to Baja for the 11th time, or perhaps they just need a few nick-knacks before chasing after the the Sea-Run Cutthroat that reside in the local waters that is our namesake. Whatever questions you may have, this team has the know-how to give you a no-nonsense answer that comes from first hand experience.



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