Rockin’ 7 Ranch

  • Location: Wyoming
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Here at the Rockin’ 7 Ranch, we are more than just outfitters. We own the land, we own the lodge, and we own the business that puts them all together. That’s why we take your hunt so serious. This ranch has been in the Reese family since it was homesteaded in 1914, and we are not planning on going anywhere. We care for the land and resources for the long-term, so we can pass it on to the next generation just a little bit better.

About the Owner

The Rockin’ 7 meat shop is designed and built for you, our guest. After some issues with local processors being too busy to take our game, we decided to just provide our own service so there are no surprises. Never a rush fee, and we are always open, so you can get your game cut, wrapped and ready to go when you are! Our meat shop crew is careful and clean. We only do our own clients game, so there is never a line of hunters, nor a line of animals laying on the ground outside waiting to be skinned.



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Main Address

1200 Reese Rd
Shawnee, Wyoming, 82229

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