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Silverking Lodge is located on Grant Island, 20 miles northwest of Ketchikan, Alaska. Silverking Lodge is known worldwide as the premier self-guided Alaskan Fishing Lodge. Our all-inclusive fishing lodge is located in Southeast Alaska, some of the most fertile salmon spawning grounds in the entire state. The fishing grounds here are unlike any other in the world. Read More

About the Owner

It all started when Kirk Thomas came to Ketchikan when he was first married and started working on the docks washing float planes. He loved it here and was just looking for any reason to be able to live in Alaska. As he worked cleaning the planes he got to know the owners and they encouraged him to get his pilot’s license. So he got trained and got his license and then started flying float plane tours for guests. He worked harder and harder and eventually the owners sold him the float plane business. He bought more planes and built it up to the biggest float plane business in the area.



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Ketchikan, Alaska, 99901

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