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What better way to isolate yourself and stay a little alone, reconciling with nature, than to practice sport fishing? This is a rather widespread activity in Italy. According to a recent estimate in our country, in fact, sport and recreational fishermen are about 2.5 million and over 100,000 people practice competitive activities related to the sport fishing sector every year. Figures of all respect that highlight the importance of the sector also as regards the related industries. Think of the sport fishing clubs to access which you need to sign up for a membership card that managers can create comfortably and easily even using the online printing services offered by Stampaprint.net. But before this useful card to access the club, those who want to practice this activity must sign a protocol on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture aimed at issuing a document that the fisherman must always carry with him when carrying out the activity.

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Often those who have a passion are inclined to share it especially with those who have the same passion. Sport and recreational fishing is a passion that affects many people in Italy and it is beautiful, it is useless to be able to talk about it. This site was born with a dual purpose. The first is precisely to try to gather as many fans as possible of sport and recreational fishing, while the second is to try to give news and useful information on the subject, both regulatory and informative. But also advice on fishing techniques, places to go and practice the activity and much more information. Fishing enthusiasts collaborate with us on a purely voluntary basis, ready to make available and share their knowledge for the benefit of the community.



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