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A full-service fly shop located in historic downtown Lynchburg. Fly fishing, fly tying, free classes, and guide trips!

About the Company

We are located in historic downtown Lynchburg. Just a few blocks away is the magnificent James River. A river most Virginians are familiar with, in one way or another. Our area also has a large quantity of small streams. With these two options we stay quite busy. Within an hour drive of our shop there is almost always fishable water no matter the time of year or the rain conditions. We fish for trout, smallmouth, musky, carp, striper, bluegill, and pretty much anything with fins and gills. Within an hour drive of our shop there is almost always fishable water no matter the time of year or the rain conditions. We do our best to be more than just a fishing shop though, we offer free classes on fly tying, fly fishing, and casting clinics to help people get into fly tying and fishing. As well, we work hard to promote the conservation and protection of our public lands. THE NAME: My name is Ethan Martin. I am married and have two daughters. I was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley. I began fly fishing at the age of 10, but didn't have easy access to the many different rivers, streams, and lakes around me. What I did have was an over abundance of tales. I've always loved sharing and hearing stories. These tales from other people's adventures included fish, deer, turkey, mountains, streams, fly rods, and the "Wild West." Through those stories all sorts of dreams entered my young brain. I was hooked, not even from personal experience, but through other people's passion! I have been blessed to be able to create quite a few of my own stories over the past several years. In 2010, I was pondering life. I remember sitting at my kitchen table thinking about how I enjoy making and creating things. What struck me was that everything I created had the potential to create countless stories. One fly could create unforgettable memories of "the big one," the perfect day, stuck in a rock, stuck in a tree, stuck in my finger, ear, or nostril, or my future wife's ear, etc.. Really, everything holds immense potential for stories if we open our eyes. This thought captivated me. Another thing I love to do is tell stories. Not lie-riddled ones, but exciting and energetic truthful ones. After sharing a few tales, quite a few times, some people around me began to refer to me as a "tale teller." This was probably intended to be a snarky remark about some fishing story, but the name stuck with me. When I was prodded and poked to start selling my flies, there was no other name I could think of than “TaleTellers.” Thus, TaleTellers was born.



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Lynchburg, Virginia, 24504

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