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TSS has a comprehensive training program designed to teach a wide range of safety and shooting skills to people of all abilities. If you’ve never picked up a firearm, or you are a more advanced shooter, we have offerings just for you. With our friendly training staff, you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience and to take your firearms proficiency to the next level.



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Finding your next firearm purchase should be an experience. At Target Shooting Solutions, we want you to enjoy the purchasing process as much as you will enjoy actually using your new firearm, protective equipment, or accessory. Our highly trained and skilled associates are happy to answer all questions and share their extensive knowledge on our products to ensure that you enjoy the thrill of the hunt both in-store and after you leave. Before you browse our display cases, take the time to practice with different types of firearms at our shooting range. This is the best way for you to determine your comfort level, your optimal shooting range, and which firearms just feel right when you aim and fire.



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