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The High Lonesome Ranch sits along the spine of the continent on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. A national park-scale landscape perfectly situated to help connect large ecosystems, we are right on a key habitat corridor. We are working to restore, conserve, and steward a large western landscape, which contributes to a western wildway for wildlife to roam and thrive that stretches from Mexico to Canada. A private conservation organization founded over 20 years ago, we are addressing the challenges of stewarding this landscape for habitat connection while we still can, and encouraging people to use it. With mountain forests, grasslands, spring creeks, and alpine mesas at an altitude that ranges from 4,000 to 9,000 feet, the ranch is home to diverse wildlife and provides a vast playground for sports and wilderness activities.

About the Owner

The High Lonesome Ranch is a national-park-scale ranch in Western Colorado whose acreage and mission have grown to address the challenges of managing a public and private landscape for multiple use outcomes – living, conserving, ranch, and resourcing – in a rapidly changing world. The HLR differs from large national parks in their implementation of strategies to integrate human use with the protections and promotion of indigenous plants and wildlife. The scale of The High Lonesome Ranch facilitates large resilient ecosystems to conserve biodiversity against a rising backdrop of rising resource consumption, population growth, urbanization, climate change, and increased participation in outdoor activities. Healthy, large-scale habitat corridors are being fragmented or lost due to growing human incursion and climate volatility.



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0275 County Road 222
DeBeque, Colorado, 81630

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