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At Wiggins Hunting Lodge, you're guaranteed a trek through a picturesque landscape filled with East Texas wildlife. But when you're ready to wind down from the day's activities, our comfortable and spacious lodge makes an excellent and relaxing experience for everyone who hunts with us.

About the Owner

The Wiggins family has always farmed. It's our hobby, our lifestyle, and our passion. And when you spend a lot of time on a farm, you learn a thing or two about the wildlife that inhabits the natural landscape of your region. The objective of the wildlife management team at Wiggins Hunting Lodge is to manage the healthy population of game and non-game species that coexist in our land's ecosystem. We follow the proper management practices that allow these species to interact with one another and provide sustainability to foster their continued growth without exceeding the natural carrying capacity of the land. The whitetail deer that thrive on our Hunting ranch are some of the proudest, most impressive deer specimens East Texas has to offer. We knew we needed to share these trophy bucks and the natural beauty of our ranch with the hunters of the world. We want people to come out and enjoy themselves in a relaxed and fun environment as they embark on the hunt to shoot trophy deer they can't find anywhere else. That's why we provide a number of fair-chase hunts as part of our careful wildlife management program. Every area you hunt on promises you'll encounter a wide variety of game and non-game species alike. If a fantastic trophy hunting experience with the promise of bagging an impressive trophy buck or other game sounds like a dream comes true, contact Wiggins Hunting Lodge today!



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10612 East County Road 3251
Timpson, Texas, 75975

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